Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team


Feel free to read our published articles. We hope you will be inspired and dive right into some community action. Come on back and read some of our future publications. 

open house at the get outside center

published by Cape Ann Magazine 
winter 2014
written by Desi Smith
photographs by Desi Smith

Two Rick Roths walk into a bar...

published by The Boston Globe Magazine 
april 20, 2014
written by Nicola Cataldo - freelance writer
photograph by Essdram M. Suarez - Globe staff

Snake In the Grass

published by AMC Outdoors - Wild Wisdom 
Appalachian Mountain Club
july/august 2012
written by Madeleine Eno

Diving into Vernal Pools

published by Cape Ann Magazine 
spring 2011
written by Sara Lenoe
photographs courtesy of the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team

Snake Charmer

published by Sierra Magazine
january/february 2011
written by Sara Martel
photograph by Evan Richman

The Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team: Defending Vernal Ponds and Inspiring Community Action

published by Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine
No. 4, 2008
written by Nick Taormina

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