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Our Wildlife Center Vision

Our Vision... 
To open a Wildlife Center where all kinds of New England animals and plants are represented.
We will build an interactive and educational nature study center.

The Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team's mission is the preservation of wildlife. We all must protect nature in order for our planet to survive. To sustain a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with all living things, we intend to build an interactive and educational nature center. Human survival is dependent on nature and therefore it is incumbent upon us to build a kind of center that allows for hands on personal discovery as well as educational opportunities in the form of lectures, field trips, guest speakers and in house experts. We will host educational teachers as well as teach educators - which will fundamentally extend our reach. Our focus will be on the welfare of animals and humans in the work we do at our center, because they truly go hand in hand. We will create a facility that will educate our youth and the general public about nature so they become environmental educators and stewards within their purview. Education about our natural world is paramount to our earth's survival and with our nature center we plan on doing our part to help save it!

On this page we will share Our Vision through drawings and features we expect to include in the Wildlife Center. It's a pretty exciting adventure and we hope you'll be a part of Our Team.

In order to achieve Our Wildlife Center Vision, we have a timeline with strategic goals and a document of our accomplishments so you can take the journey with us.  Along the way we are including items we need in order to accomplish Our Vision. They can be found on these links. 

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