Field Work

16 photo(s) Updated on: 12 Mar 2017
  • Trapping salamanders to look for rare species like blue spots
  • Nick checks a turtle trap
  • Angry snapper found in turtle trap
  • Eastern box turtle ready for release with Nik Gualco
  • Eastern box turtle with radio transmitter
  • Dez months later overwintering...found under leaf litter
  • Jessica Meck tracks Dez the box turtle
  • Nathan Mineo with snapping turtle
  • Rick with angry snappers
  • Entering vernal pool data for on line certification
  • Sometimes when you're out done vernal pool field work you run into some interesting critters. Matt and Rick found three species of snakes in one morning: garter, ribbon, and water snake.
  • Detail of a water snakes red spotted belly
  • Five wood frog egg masses for vernal pool certification
  • Five spotted salamander egg masses for certification
  • Spotted salamander larvae for certification

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