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Clean Energy and Sustainability Fair - Snakes and Vernal Pond Exhibit  4-29-2017

It was such a beautiful spring day for the Clean Energy and Sustainability Fair. We showed off our Snakes and Vernal Pond Exhibit to a very large crowd. There were hundreds of people that came by the booth and we had a nice variety in our display to show them. Our vernal pond critters included a Gray tree frog, Wood frog, and a big fat toad along with a herd of Spring peepers and Fairy shrimp. We had a whole bunch of snakes on display and another half dozen that took turns being held -- between naps. We had a great time teaching our visitors how to appreciate and hold our snakes.

Our very own lifelong volunteer Kate Bevins, in back left, showing the girls how to hold Skeletor the white lipped python - always a favorite with the fans.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Even the Band singer and drummer got in on the ACTION!
It was just too tempting not to hold Ludwik our Bull snake.
He's very camo... notice the coloring is a combination of sandstone and brown rock. Very lovely.

Our steadfast volunteer Keith... charming the baby!

Quite the pretty display with Colleen and Rick at the helm, right.

The crowd filled the hall with people of all ages. Some with beautiful red hair too.

In black is Ann, our volunteer, showing off a snake.

Notice the four little boys checking out the frogs... pretty neat.

Skeletor taking a stuffed otter nap after all the excitement!

And YES the Dudes love it Too!




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