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Wildlife Center Timeline

Our Vision... 
he Cape Ann Wildlife Center brings people together for education and preservation of nature in a fun and exciting way. We instill passion and stewardship for the natural world in people of all ages thereby helping to save our corner of the world.

Wildlife Center Timeline

November 1, 2017 to February 10, 2018
Strategic Planning Meetings began drafting and readying plans for the Wildlife Center on Cape Ann. A fundraising priority goal of $100,000 for FY 2018 (or $300,000 for three years) was developed in order to lay the foundation for this Vision. Tasks were distributed among participants and a collaborative plan was established to begin raising money. Potential donors were identified and donor package preparation began. Immediate and long term benefits were identified for both the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team and the Wildlife Center. A drafted drawing of the Wildlife Center was made in addition to documents describing features of the facility.

February, 2018
Donor packages printed, donor lists reviewed, and appointments are made to solicit funds. Potential donor meetings are planned and began February 12, 2018 with an anticipated completion date for solicitations by March 15, 2018. 

FY 2018
Fundraising is the critical priority this year

  1. February Plans made for yearly fundraisers and Reservations made for Benefit Concert and Silent Auction
  2. February-December Donations from individuals and companies, and grants from foundations are solicited and applications are filed
  3. March Guidestar and Giving Common are updated
  4. March-April Visit/coaching by NEWC for purpose of building knowledge and fundraising
  5. June-December Meetings begin with the City, other facilities that specialize in wildlife, nonprofit organizations that have property/facilities in our area,  developers, and builders.
FY 2019
Architectural drawings created along with site visitations. Facility features and requirements delineated. Internal features and requirements concretely articulated. Board expanded to meet our future needs. Building contractors further researched and selections prioritized.

FY 2020
Site purchase and applications and permits completed. Building plans finalized. Ground breaking and building started. Equipment, employee, animal and plant acquisition planning prepared.

FY 2021
Building completed. Items purchased and building outfitted and equipped. Employee search process activated.

FY 2022
Wildlife Center open and operational.

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