Mill Pond Wildlife Relocation

18 Sep 2017 11:10 PM | Richard Roth (Administrator)

Its been another wild week. More action at the Mill Pond in Rockport. Set and baited 11 turtle traps on Wednesday morning. Thursday morning we had classes from Rockport HS and Essex Tech. Found three more turtles and more eels and elvers. I lost count of the fish that students got in the seine nets. Friday we had students from Rockport HS, Essex Tech and Glen Urquhart School. Only one more turtle. Students got hundreds more fish in the seine nets. Urquhart students were quick to learn the fishnet dredging technique for retrieving goocum from the bottom of the pond. They were able to sift through it to find dragonfly larvae, elver, freshwater clams and snails.

So... lots of animals got moved out of harm's way and moved to the Loop Pond.

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